Sascha Heinrich

My work comprises the semi-synthesis of macrolide antibiotics and the SAR-guided design of these molecules; work with enzyme complexes that form natural products (polyketide synthases); cultivation of bacteria (of the genus Streptomycetes) and afterwards extraction and purification of natural products from the fermentation broths; structural elucidation of natural products via NMR and HPLC-ESI-HRMS; the expression of enzymes from E. coli; enzyme catalysis to produce omega hydroxylated fatty acids (HOMBICAT project).


In short: I work with natural products in an interdisciplinary field where I have the possibility to merge my chemistry and synthesis experience with biochemistry, biocatalysis, state-of-the-art analytical chemistry (and even some biology).


10/2012 – 09/2015 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, RUB

10/2015 – 09/2017 Master of Science Chemistry, Focal point: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products, RUB

02/2018 – 07/2018 Sci. Researcher, Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products, RUB 

07/2018 – ongoing PhD student funded by the DFG Research Training Group 2341 – Microbial Substrate Conversion, Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products, RUB 


02/2020 – 04/2020 Internship Evonik Industries. Process-accompanying Quality Control, Additives for Polyamide granules (UV- and thermo stabilizers, plasticizers). Development, optimization, and validation for HPLC methods; HPLC column testing