The Schulz Group: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products 

Fermentationenzyme catalysis and organic synthesis serve as toolboxes for accessing and derivatizing natural products. Metabolomics is an emerging toolbox to identify natural products and biosynthetic intermediates. 

The bioactivity of small molecules of natural origin is optimized in the quest for novel antibiotics and anti-cancer activities.

Natural Products in the Schulz laboratory in Bochum

Who we are

We are a team of chemists, biochemists, and biologists, united in the pursuit for novel medicinally active small molecules.



We investigate novel strategies and methods towards the derivatization of complex molecules and the use of enzymes and microorganisms

as smart catalysts for organic synthesis.


Undergraduate research projects: We offer projects for talented and motivated undergraduate students in chemistry, biochemistry.


Lectures: We teach organic chemistry, natural product chemistry, enzyme biochemistry and genetics

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Our group at the annual winter BBQ in January 2018.

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