Sofia C. Bravo


Email: sofia.bravo

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RUB Research School, International Max Planck Research School for Living Matter (IMPRS-LM),  Microbial Substrate Conversion (MiCon) associate student



When I am asked about my profession and academic background, I always say that I am a chemist with a profound interest in Biology and Medicine. During my chemistry studies, I was fascinated by understanding how chemical reactions occur in nature, how evolution plays an important role in the stereoselectivity of reactions, and how medicinal products react inside the human body. Over time, my trajectory has shifted from the realm of pure organic chemistry to the realms of enzymology and, presently, biochemistry.


In my current project, I am working with the bacterium Streptomyces cinnamonensis, a Gram-positive bacterium that produces the polyether antibiotic monensin. My main objective is to determine the factors that transform a monensin normal producer into an overproducer. For this task, I am using LC-HRMS measurements to identify metabolomic bottlenecks in a normal producer, comparing them to the overproducer strain. The metabolomics information is also being compared to genomic data obtained from mutations in the existing overproducer strain, aiming to identify which mutations are fundamental for the high titer of monensin.


In my free time, I enjoy walking in nature and immersing myself in its wonders, traveling the globe to learn about new ways of living, visiting my loved ones in my home country Argentina, taking my cat for walks, cooking with my friends, or simply unwinding with a cup of tea and music. Lately, I´ve been learning how to play guitar and piano in my free time. 



BS+MS equivalent in Chemical Sciences (2016-2022)

“Licenciatura en Ciencias Quimicas”, by the University of Buenos Aires


Research on Biocatalysis (October 2019 - May 2022)

Biosynthesis of natural products derivatives using Lipase enzymes, in UMYMFOR- Organic Chemistry Department- University of Buenos Aires


Research Scholarship: UBACYT year 2021: "Biocatalysis applied to the synthesis of repaglinide derivatives as potential antiparasitic and/or antitumor agents" 


P.h.D research (2022-present)

Analysis of the metabolome of Streptomyces cinnamonensis using LC-HRMS, for finding differences between wild type and mutated strains for monensin production. 



Master and Bachelor students supervision in my project. 

Lab Supervisor in Biochemistry Practices, Organic Chemistry Department, RUB


Scientific dissemination

Exhibitor to publics of all ages in "The Buenos Aires Night of Museums" (2018 and 2019 editions) and to high school students in  "Chemistry Week" (2018 and 2019 editions).